Legion Magazine


We asked ourselves two questions which we hope define us from the pack.


What Does Streetwear Mean To You?

Streetwear has become immensely difficult to define. It has determined how we live our life, who we listen to and whom we associate ourselves with. Yet on a multi-faced and subcultural depth, we stand united. A bond amongst us that defines us together along with individuality and diversity.

While under a constant state of evolution of style and creative direction, streetwear brings people together to create and share. Streetwear creates a lifestyle, family and an undivided social framework for everyone.

What Do You Bring That Is Different?

Legion Magazine is the people.

We are the fans that queue up in the night and rain, just to get the latest sneakers. Adore the latest trends and ponder as to how we didn’t buy the hottest item. We follow the self-believer and their journey into the fashion world. While shouting out our favourite brands, designers and influencers in the fashion game.

While the market has recently been clouded with fashion trends, the rise of streetwear has been mixed with the high and low. We look to follow people’s journey. From the established and well-known, down to the aspiring up and coming designer or label.


“People are as much of our journey, as we are of theirs”


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