Adidas Futurecraft – Bread & Butter 2016

Adidas Futurecraft – Shaping the Future  – Bread & Butter 2016

Innovation and experimentation – Scaping how brands design and produce the next generation of trainers. Find out below about the Adidas Futurecraft brand lab at the Bread & Butter fashion show in Berlin.

Adidas All Black Trainer 2016

Adidas FutureCraft – Brand Lab

At the Bread & Butter fashion event in Berlin, the show had 30 brands that were set up as labs. To experiment, interact and engage directly with the consumer. With the additional rise of production of trainers, surely the demand is creating more waste? Within the fashion community, a real focus has been set on how we deal with that ‘extra’ waste produced in factories. The extra end of the lip, the outline base of the show and other extras that are left behind after the creation of the sneaker. Adidas has put these issue at the key of its futurecraft lab. Showcasing as to how it plans to change the production process. Materials and waste being the main key.

How We Can Use Material To Our Advantage

The first factor was material, with plastic playing a huge convenience within our lives. Unfortunately, many people take it for granted. Not realising that plastic does not naturally disintegrate or can be re-used in most cases. Most of our environments are being littered. Creating scenes into wastelands created to dump all these plastics. The sea environment is being most affected, being ruined with floating and washed up waste. So why not reuse these plastics not for their potential purpose but for something maybe else… trainers? Yes with the use of sophisticated 3D design machines, Adidas is focusing on reusing plastic to design some epic kicks. Most noteworthy is the use of all that plastic that is being washed up on sandy beaches.

1 turns into 100

In addition, another aspect to help the environment is to decrease the waste produced by making a single trainer. Because each one eventually adds up to millions of extra waste they produce each year. So what can you do with the cut-off edge from the sole, not much maybe just a snazzy key ring? However stripping back the traditional way of thinking, designers and production at Adidas have come up a way to use the whole material.

As a result, the design folds upon itself to produces a trainer. A one piece trainer! The innovative thinking of this process not only saves on material but also on other materials. Much as further glueing or stitching than a standard trainer may need. With each trainer produced, less and less waste would be wasted. This is the innovative thinking at the head of design & production, hoping to implement this feature in more and more projects.

With the help of Adidas, a global brand, it sure can start the to encourage other brands to do the same. As important as looking fly is on the list, our priorities should shift to environment damage as well. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if we could save the world at the same time? Yes, we are all going green at Legion Mag. We truly embrace the future and think more brands should do the same.

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