How we sneaked into A$AP Rocky’s Gig

Sneaking into an A$AP Rocky Gig – Berlin – Bread & Butter 2016

A$AP Rocky – Fire escapes, Underground tunnels, and front stage access.
A real ‘fashion killa’ event. Yes, it really went from 0-100 real quick. This is our anecdote of our lil adventure!

The venue was already packed and overflowing with people at the line heaving back and forth. As security stated; the venue was already over capacity by 500 people (but it was way more than that, let’s be honest)!

ASAP Rocky Berlin

ASAP Rocky Berlin 2016 – eventfotografie

A$AP Rocky or Not

With rumours emerging earlier in the week whether ASAP Rockey would perform at Bread & Butter or not, there was still a mystery in the air. Many staff members who worked at the various brand labs and venue did not even know themselves. There was already a great line up at the Bread & Butter fashion show with other guests and Dj’s at the Boiler Room, however, how could we go without seeing A$AP Rocky! All day there was a mist of uncertainty and secrecy about whether he would actually turn up?!?

Priority #1 – Food / Sorry ASAP

Before anything was announced people started swarming the main stage. This resulted in a stand still. As a result waiting in the queue for around 4/5 hours to get in. Being ‘normal’ people we headed off to get food, priority #1, then went back to line up. Be honest, the last thing you want to hear is your belly growling for a burger 2 hours within in the queue. Life of death situation right there.

After spending two hours of shuffling to the front of the queue, we were abruptly met by a gate and guard. Great, more obstacles! All you could see was a swarm of security guards. It was like in a scene out of Men In Black. All of them were dressed in matching black suits, mostly trying to convince us all to turn away and give up. Pshhh, A$AP is in there, no chance. Lucky for us they did not have their shiny spanner thing (MIB scene). Us being Brits, we did what anyone would do in this situation…. we complained. Yes, there was clearly space for more people in the venue and we could see a glimmer of the stage. The queue behind us stretched into the other building which had its own line of security.

ASAP Rocky Gig Queue

Queue To Get inside – A$AP Rocky

German Mob Vs A$AP Mob

After our complaints were not taken into consideration it really didn’t take us long to get the german people rowed up and going. With the people behind us, we got them started and eventually booing began at the guards (sorry, not sorry). We formed our very own cult! How exciting… being in a foreign country, forming a cult and demanding entry to a gig. Not your average Friday night that’s for sure.

All or Nothing

Although within minutes our efforts were crushed and the site manager came over to tell us “no one was getting in”. After a long conversation with the site manager, we were informed due to health and safety we stood no chance. With further complaining, the manager could clearly see our disappointment on our faces.

He turned his back to the majority of the crowd behind us and whispered to us.
“Fire door will open within a couple of mins and will shut 10 seconds after that.”

Backstage Pass or Hoax

Being totally confused as to what the german guy was saying to us, as well as being totally fed up with the whole situation we asked him to repeat himself. After hinting as to what fire door it was and what he meant, we quickly ran away from the line. In search of the fire door, which sounds absurd. In a flurry, we almost missed it by running past, but I noticed it in the corner of my eye. … 2 minutes went by, nothing. 8 minutes went by, nothing! Me and my friend both looked at the each other and instantly laughed. Both thinking that he did us good there, coming to terms that there was no way he was going to sneak us in. Fools!

But before tears could roll out, two Swedish girls came over to us by the fire door looking puzzled as we were. Both of us not questioning as to why we were standing by a fire door, we all awkwardly looked at each other. Bang! The door flew open and the site manager was there, a true superhero that’s not in disguise.

He led us down what seemed the tunnel of the venue with a shallow ceiling. Pipes and water were flowing all around us, clearly, this was not the guestlist avenue. This place had seemed to never been in use as we made fresh footprints in the sand that was scattered along the floor. With his torch light, we eagerly followed suit. Stopping at a black door he instructed us to walk straight into the crowd and enjoy, hastily opening the fire exit door.

The rest was history…

ASAP Rocky 2016 Bread & Butter