August Alsina – ‘Don’t Matter Tour’

The ‘Don’t Matter Tour’ organised by Musicalize is well underway as August Alsina gears towards Europe. Despite fighting a painful liver disease which he opened up about earlier last year, the tour across the states is nothing short of success. The 24-date tour kicked off July 27th in San Antonio before travelling to various states across the U.S, wrapping up the year with a final explosive performance in Vancouver.

2018 could not kick off in a better fashion as his European edition of the tour started right here in London! Yes after two years we were first to get the much anticipated August Alsina back. Despite a cry for new music in recent months, there was fear that he had gone quiet. Many have questioned his previous performances being lacklustre.

Well, they missed out if they didn’t attend the Indigo O2 in London…

It was a long-awaited performance as the DJ slowly warmed up the crowd. Playing a mixture of old nostalgic Nelly bop tracks as well as the new era that accompanied more towards August Alsina. Yet that could not compare to the sheer excitement of the fan that caught the very first glimpse of August Alsina from the side of the stage.

The lights dimmed… with the floor rumbling. The spotlights dropped onto a heightened dance stage which sat perfectly so that the entire packed out arena could watch. Marched out by two seductive dancers, August Alsina stepped out in a sharp red suit, with a blazer not shy of exposing his upper body. The venue roared with the ear-deafening sound of screaming girls… The only blockade between the stampede of girls and Alsina’s tatted up torso were the barriers and his henchmen of bodyguards.

‘Kissin on my tattoos

His sweet tones and transcendent vocals echoed throughout the venue as he soothed hearts with his talented voice. The New Orleans R&B singer strutted his stuff as he pulled off a very timely choreographed performance, exhibiting precision and dynamic range. August Alsina went through most of his top performing hits such as No Love, Make It Home, I Luv This, and Downtown as well as some of his slower but hard-hitting tracks. His stripteasing performance caused a riot with all the girls singing ‘Kissin on my tattoos’ as they were just out of arms reach to touch those tattoos in person.

Seeing him live is truly an enchanting experience as you can’t help but rock your hips and step to the beat. It was a very sultry love affair! August Alsina truly showed that he could be more than just another ‘R&B artist’. The high powered vocal range showed the dynamics of his songs which has had the likes of DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj featured in his tracks. Combined with his fluidity and grace on the stage he powered through the set controlling the sway of the audience right till the lights came on at the end.

The ‘Don’t Matter’ Tour continues across Europe with spanning Paris, Germany, Vienna, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Oslo. To find tickets visit 



Photographic Credit: Louis Foster – @LouisFoster593

Article: Kris Hunt 

Article Editor: Chrisia Borda

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