Cardi B – Legion Mag Review from the stands

It was bank holiday Monday and we sent down Latoya Lovell and Zek Snaps to capture the much anticipated Cardi B performance. Here’s what happened;

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‘The Date: Monday 17 April 2017, Venue: Koko Camden, Atmosphere: Electrifying.’

With all those pointers in check, me, Zek Snaps and ‘Music in Motion’ prepared ourselves to be entertained by the one and only Cardi B. If you wasn’t fortunate enough to hear, Cardi B was in England on tour, organised by SN Live Europe and London the plug. If you follow Cardi B then you know she’s become well known for her iconic catch phrases and not taking rubbish from anyone! Female or males alike, she’s got a underlined love from her fans within the hip-hop industry, from New York to London. The female rapper landed in England and has caused nothing but waves just like she’s done in the programme back home. From her fiery outfits to her walks around London, Cardi B had us gripped her fans through her social media and entertained as she experienced England.

The rise of social media stardom for Cardi B

Cadri B has quickly set the world alight through her simple yet raw and real view of self-expression. Catapulting her Bronx native, Belcalis “Cardi B” has bounced into social media stardom. When Cardi B launched her official Instagram page @iamcardib, which now boasts well over 7.1 Million followers, it was unbeknownst to her that sharing quick second “tirades” with a comedic twist would impact her life so drastically. Call her Insta-Queen from now on! Cardi B was merely sharing her perspective of the world, through her eyes and point of view. Which quickly transformed to selling out venues across the pond and back. It’s only a matter of time now till she goes and sells out a stadium, yes we said it.

Now back to the show… I’ve been to a lot of shows, but only two in my life have I ever wondered if people could control their body’s (Yes, we’re talking about all of their body). This is because there was a lot on show! {Insert Eyes Emoji}

The supporting acts kicked off with Singer / Songwriter, Winter Rose who set the momentum for the evening from the word Go! Other supporting acts included, Ms Banks, Lotto Boys and Kojo Funds to name a few, combined with comedian Jazzie B hosting the event. After some amazing performances, DJ Sparkx got us all ready for the show with such music that we just couldn’t help but dance. The atmosphere was buzzing, electric and ‘damm’ right boping by the time Cardi stepped onto the stage.

“A+ for effort”

Wearing a cutaway all in one black fitted jumpsuit Cardi B introduced herself to a roaring crowd. After I had my sing-along sessions with her new and old school hits, she invited three girls on stage to twerk with one of her dancers Trinity Khan and boy did we get a show. The girls were given an “A+ for effort” and a hug from Cardi B before she resumed her show. One more lucky male from the audience was selected to come up whilst Cardi showed him her ‘Stripper’ moves, although it was more of a clash of the Mics as he was singing the song just as much as she was when he was on stage. I’m surprised he didn’t need Ice chucked on him by the time Cardi b had finished with him.


After performing classics like ‘Forever’and ‘Lick’ she said her goodbyes before heading out to the after party at Distrkt. As her debut performance on the UK circuit, the energy that Cardi brought to the stage was amazing with all of her supporting acts. Unfortunately, Cardi B  had to return to New York but I can’t wait to see what she has in the pipeline. Whether that’s  over in the states or here in the UK! Her music, her performances on Love and Hip Hop New York and her Snapchat are #WashPoppin’ right now and Cardi B is making sure we all recognise that.