Converse – Chuck II Shield Canvas

Converse – Chuck II Shield Canvas – Bread & Butter 2016

Bread & Butter opened for a 3-day spectacular, giving visitors the entire weekend to discover what various products and tech were on offer. Roughly 30 brands showcased new products, innovative fashion futures, finishing lastly with personalised glitzy Vans or Raw denim tote bags. But the Converse team had other ideas with neon lights and 20 seconds of complete picture mayhem.

Converse – Weather & Hipster Proof

Converse Chuck II Shield Canvas Collection

Converse showed off their new weather and waterproof products. The new Chuck II Shield Canvas, a water-repellent yet colourful and bright choice for those testing elements. Ranging from their newly designed thicker canvas trainers and boots to the bright contrast poncho. I really wanted one of those bright orange poncho’s, but sadly they would not let me take one home. Being thrown into the neon filled box, we were challenged to make a wacky photo montage of different shots clipped within a 15-20 second time frame.

Moving frantically around, it appeared as if we were having a fit in the room for most passers-by. Or a really bad cat fight with our arms aimlessly thrown about. Sadly I could not do a backflip, nor was there any space to do a rollie-pollie. The video was sufficed with karate moves and hip street gestures. After the short and exhausting ordeal of making a video montage, an online link was given to us to check out our video. Not bad for some improvised moves.

Converse has been listening to the consumers and has understood the need for practical products which met the needs of people. Now you can wear your favourite trainers, even out in the rain and not be afraid of any puddles. Something we get here in the UK a lot! Converse have also been very active with their use of social Influencers, which we will cover when we catch up with one of our Influencers and discuss the product in full.

The Lab by Converse

The lab by Converse was very entertaining & engaging, all that was missing was a bit of rain. Neon lights and electricity could have been a really bad mix, but I guess our feet would have been dry at least. Brands put together intuitive labs as a way to experience products first hand. Rather than just sitting on the shelf, people could connect with the latest products through personally touching customising and creating a memory of the product. Something that the high street lacks in terms of engagement and store experience. Taking this aspect I truly think it would lead for more consumers to purchase a product. Integrating these aspects into the retail world would be beneficial as the exchange of knowledge and passion would generate sales.