G Star Raw – Bread & Butter 2016

G-Star Raw – Rediscovering Denim – Bread & Butter 2016

Going back to the roots of denim, G Star Raw was rediscovering the material which has given them their fundamental image. Denim.

G Star Raw Denim Shark

G-Star Raw Denim Shark

Ability of Denim – G Star RAW – Bread & Butter

Astoundingly robust when you imagine the material in various situations. When you think about it, your jeans will go to war with you. Worn endlessly, grazed knees from football parks, grease and sauce always running off landing into your lap. Yet always the number one choice to wear casually or for a night out. G-Star Raw presented the different ways denim has been used, from Pharrell’s enormous tent, a submarine type canoe, down to a life-size great white shark.


Denim comes in all shapes and Sizes – Even a tote bag

The best thing about denim is the ability to do what you want with it. G-Star Raw was letting fans and people customise their very own tote bag with badges, pins and prints. Using the scissors, people could cut up various materials and badges to any creative thing sparked their mind. Finally when all set, going over to the hot press machine to cement in place. No stitching needed. Check out the video to our very own G-Star Raw tote bag we made at the fashion show.