Lee – Move Your Lee

Lee – #Move Your Lee – Bread & Butter

One way to put denim through the test is just to see how flexible it is? Right? So why not stretch those jeans into place and really see how strong that stitching is. @ Bread & Butter 2016, Lee gave the chance for people to show off the way they move! In line to win some goods, of course, and to show off whether or not you really do have the moves.


The campaign has been going on for years, with fans recreating their own short snaps of individuality. Essentially the campaign is orientated around the person’s creative flair around how they move. Move your jeans, how do you walk, run, party, dance. How do you do? Doing a stance, move or routine, Lee wants to be part of it. This year it’s all about ‘How to play’, taking an inner look of how people act at parties and with friends.

If you don’t know the brand like ourselves initially, Lee is an American brand of denim jeans, which were first produced in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. With the first production of the companies products focused on dungarees and jackets, Lee has grown strength to strength.

Lee Denim Jeans Move Your Lee

Comfy To Suit You

With comfortable being the biggest factor with jeans; the brand has prided itself with producing jeans that are incredibly comfortable and stretchy. Look no further than doing back flips and helicopter twirls by the breakdancers that displayed the practicality at Bread & Butter. With the talented DJ EBDN keeping the pace up, he was dropping it fast and hard with remixes and bass drops on the turntable and dance floor. I think the performers had found it hard enough just to keep pace. So I’m sure the first thing on their minds was whether the jeans would keep together in one piece or there would have been a split involved.

With my two left feet and retro disco moves, I don’t think I could give you a depth review of the product. So it was best to talk to someone else. Talking to a few of the performers, the practically from the jeans were beyond even their expectations. They held up to some crazy moves and gave flexibility for all combinations on the dance floor. Furthermore, the range of slim fit and skinny’s gives the consumer options. The looks are orientated around what’s trending, keeping up to date with vital urban & casual outfits . The brand has captured the young and fruitful with fashionable trendy pieces that strike a chord with the youth. Due to a combination of practicality and ease, Lee is not your typical one look go-to brand. With a range of denim pieces, it truly does orientate around the individual and ‘how they move’.

Lee Jeans Bread & Butter 2016