MGK – London Brixton

#The27Tour kicked off in Britain earlier last week with the US rapper hosting the O2 Acadamy Brixton on the weekend. His one night show in London brought some of his most loyal fans as well as a mix of rock and rap enthusiasts. His ’27 World Tour’ sets him from the UK travelling on the road to Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Austria, and Norway all before finishing in Russia in late October.


Rock, Punk, Rap & everything in between!

Arriving at the venue, I was confronted with a mixture of Iron Maiden Tees, Thrasher Magazine hoodies and ripped denim jeans, not forgetting the occasional fangirls wearing the standard ‘merch’. Not knowing what to truly expect from the show, there was a great deal of diversity amongst fans. This is most likely due to MGK’s genre of music represented and translated through hip-hop, pop-punk, rap, and rock.

With the crowd rumbling at the stands, it didn’t take long before his entourage came on stage and warmed up the guitars and drums.

Kicking off the night, MGK exploded onto the stage as he rocked out with red vivid skinny jeans and a matching jacket with a paisley white print. Carrying plenty of emotion onto his set MGK wore his heart on his sleeve throughout, performing each and every track with devotion. Performing from his last album and most recent racks, he stimulated the crowd from the front to the back of the arena. With the crowd pumping, MGK controlled the atmosphere by rising it up and slowing things down by a switch of a button.

He performed hits such as, Go For Broke, At My Best, Young Man and the majority of his fans couldn’t help but to sing along to ‘Bad Things’. The single with ex-fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello which was a huge hit breaking into Top Ten singles and reaching 186 Million views on Youtube.

With his slick delivering ability and emotional lyrics, it’s no wonder he’s shot to fame! Turning the crowd back up, it wasn’t seconds before everyone was swaying from side to side as they shouted out ‘Bad B*tch, Bad B*tch!’ with the more notorious single ‘Trap Paris’ by Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign.

After performing a string of songs, an hour on, he turns round to the crowd, points his middle finger and announces ‘Let’s start the show’! Ear deafening rock, bass, and drums are blasted through the front speakers as he performs more of his rock-based tracks. Attracting a few more headbangs and body throws than we’ve seen earlier.

Lighters Up

Changing the tone of the show, Machine Gun Kelly paid tribute to an artist that we lost that had Influenced not only MGK but a lot of artists around the world. The loss of Linkin Park’s frontman, Chester Bennington, who’d taken his own life aged 41 back in July. Performing his own version of the band’s classic, Numb, Machine Gun Kelly shared a brief moment amongst the crowd as people held up lighters and sang along.


Pure energy and Passion! Delivering lyrics with the speed of a bullet train, it’s easy to relate MGK to Eminem, however his raw signing and boisterous & rebellious characteristics give you the sense of Green Day/ Linkin Park. While MGK perfects his sound and image, he will only shoot and attract even more fame. It’s only a matter of time till he fills out the O2 Arena in Greenwich!

His intimate eight-show UK tour will definitely give fans the Live experience they’ve been craving for!


Photo Credit: Louis Foster @Louisfoster593