Mighty Hoopla Extravaganza

It was Sunday, a sunny day at Brockwell Park and I was walking into Mighty Hoopla Festival. Now for those who don’t know the Mighty Hoopla festival is an extravaganza or celebration of London’s alternative club culture.

The reason my eye was drawn to it, however, was down to the lineup. To name a few TLC, Lily Allen and Louisa Douglas were all performing at the Pop festival. So I grabbed my camera and headed out with my fellow Presenter Audg, to go and check it out. Who can resist seeing my childhood heroes?

Upon arriving at the mighty Hoopla festival the first thing I noticed was how carefree and energetic the crowd were behaving. There are glitter and sequins everywhere and I think for a festival it was the most flamboyant crowd I’d ever seen. I headed for the main stage and was just in time to see MNEK whining and entertaining the crowd with his range of vocals and soulful voice. With four back up dancers in Nike outfits he certainly ‘Shut Down’ the stage. After a short break, I headed to get some food from a lovely Thai stall and then we were back out for Louisa Johnson. Louisa Johnson was the X-Factor winner who sang a few pop songs and gave us a very sexy dance routine to Khia & Fat Joe’s, My Neck My Back.

VIP Area – Mighty Hoopla

After watching another few performances from Louise and Melanie C, I headed to the VIP area where there was a private party going on. I witnessed two legends that I did not know Djed, Presenter Fearne Cotton and Fashion Legend Gok Wan. They kept everyone dancing and took selfies galore with everyone and I watched as they did all of this and had a mini dance myself in the process.

Once I had finished dancing to a little bit to Spice Girls it was time to head back to the main
stage for Lily Allen and TLC. Lily Allen was one of the people from my teenage years that I
listened to and she has gone from strength to strength. She treated us to old classics like
F*** You and The Fear (which she said was actually about social media). We were also lucky
enough to hear some exclusive songs from her upcoming album ‘No Shame’ with a feature
on one song by none other than our homegrown Giggs. He wasn’t in attendance but we still
got the exclusive, however, my favourite was ‘Higher’ and I cannot wait for the album to

Nostalgia – TLC

After Lily Allen finished gracing us with her angelic tone it was time for the main headliner and I cannot lie I may have shed a tear. It was TLC, one of my fondest memories of TLC was when I was a little girl and rewinding a cassette over and over so I could write the lyrics out to ‘Waterfalls’. TLC was originally T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli, however, Left Eye unfortunately passed away in 2002, not that has stopped their legacy from continuing. They gave us classics like Waterfalls and No Scrubs as well as songs from one of their last albums ‘TLC’. Looking just as good as they did years ago they danced and performed to a crowd that got louder with every hit.

By the time it was hometime I was on cloud nine as I left Brockwell Park and I felt blessed. Mighty Hoopla festival was more than I imagined from an energetic friendly crowd, great performances and great food and drink. It is definitely a festival to catch so keep your eyes posted for next years line up, I know I will be.

To find out more about the festival season here in the UK over summer, make sure to keep an eye on our Legion Mag Music section.

Credit: Latoya Lovel – Instagram @LatoyaLovl