M.I.S. to the K – Sickmade Karla Tour sells out KOKO

KOKO was singing M. I. S. to the f*cking T all the way to the ceiling. The sold out event at KOKO was packed with people lining up outside for hours just to get a prime spot at the front to see MIST. The much-anticipated tour was just minutes away from the mic being turned on.

Mist’s fame has recently surged thanks to the quality of music production in his latest tracks. Ever since his Fire in the Booth and debut album, “MIS to the T” in 2016, MIST’s success has skyrocketed. Now with his latest release Hot Property, the British grime MC is making strides taking him from a local Birmingham emcee to the UK’s hottest property.


MIST brings something different to the scene which he proudly voices in his lyrics and confidence. The vision MIST sets through his lyrics is nothing but a stark contrast to the ‘usual’ stories told by many of those in the grime scene. The concept of his music is raw which represent his experiences and the painful truth of life. His music video for ‘Aint the Same’ switches things up on a more vibrant tone, taking grime to a new level of how to produce visual concepts.

Due to the popularity of his music, Mist has had to treble the number of tour dates to meet absurd levels of demand.


The venue was crammed and before the get-go, the DJ was stirring the hype with Nathan Hector hosting the show. Hector recently has been touring the UK hosting and pumping up crowds for KANO and many more events. The talented actor and host is a rising star within the industry and is even tipped to host the Pepsi Max Stage at Wireless Festival this summer. Give the man a mic and a stage and the whole crowd will be bopping. Unsurprisingly, Hector was at it again during the KOKO gig stirring up the fans between the supporting acts Lotto Boys and Eugy.


Nathan Hector

The excited crowd was making a moshpit for every song during the warm up. Then came out MIST and the packed out crowd erupted in excitement; he played a few of his older tracks, before bringing out Not3s, Abra Cadabra, MoStack and WSTRN. A quick outfit change and then KOKO really exploded as the most popular tracks got pumping. MIST gifted the crowd with ‘Money’ featuring most of the guests and an unreleased song with MoStack. Only the lucky ones will know. Also spotted at the show was Stomzy, showing his support backstage.

Since hitting the number 1 position in the Itunes Album charts on his debut release he amassed over 12 million views on Youtube. In the short space of time, this Birmingham rapper has propelled his position – and we’re sure there’s more to come.

Here are all the pics from the event: (Photo Credit: Zekaria Al-Bostani; @zek.snaps)







WSTRN, Abra Cadabra, MoStack, Mist




Abra Cadabra