Legion Mag – Interview with Pawel Zmitrowicz – London & More

We caught up with Pawel Zmitrowicz in London, Poland’s Teen Blogger hitting Europe with a bang. Getting a bit of depth into his personal life, the takeaway he orders and all the stuff in his DM’s. Well, some of it…


Pawel Zmitrowicz – Street Fashion Shoot

Social Media & Response –

How has social media helped in your reach to people?

My story with social media really started from Twitter. It was the first time and platform in which I reached so many people – really it was crazy how many people responded to single “good night”. As I said I’ve always been into photography so when I found Instagram I focused on it and redirected my followers there. As it grew, I started to really focus on my profile & image. This lead to many people commenting on the pics as well as direct messages.

What did they direct message you?

Most people had a personal feeling they wanted to express, their thoughts, what they thought, what they like or dislike, what is awesome or what should be improved.

So the guru’s of the internet touched base and gave their opinion?!?

Haha, yeah, something like that. To be honest, I like constructive criticism. It forces you to work on yourself and prevent’s you from being stuck in one place. Day by day my follower’s were increasing, and people were becoming more responsive & active. When I set up my Blog – my followers started to read it. So I have a stable ground for doin’ it (Blogging). Now there’s snap chat… the possibilities of being instant. Something which in my eyes is more realistic – without filters or deep quotes under photos.


Who’s who & Projects –

Cliche Question, could not help. Sorry – What do you think makes you different from other bloggers?

We can’t compare bloggers. Everyone has their own style, own idea for what they want to show people, how to create their image. I want to inspire young people to be creative, to chase after their dreams, to do what they like. If possible, change their perspective to do something which could help them make a living in future. In Poland, there are no – well known – men bloggers from who teenage boys can take inspirations for outfits or take general care tips from.

All of them are a mature man, who constantly shows suits, ties and all types of blazers. Or the classical what to wear when you’re going to the gym or work.

I think that not everyone want’s to look like his dad such early on. I want to transfer runway trends to daily outfits without it looking hilarious. What else … well, I’ve never liked proper advertising or product placement. All of my collaborations are blended into my content which makes them more natural. I chose only companies that are interesting and things which I would buy myself. It’s sad that most bloggers play as if they are a banner for hire.

What exciting projects have you got coming up or plan to do?

There are many cool things coming up. Firstly I’ve made an amazing project with Olympus – which is almost done. We went to London to make a video – kind of a guidebook – showing the Top 5 places to visit there which are unknown and unable to find in classic itineraries.

I tested the Pen-F camera made, specifically for bloggers – really well designed and good quality product, If I may say so.

I’ve also made some photoshoots with Converse – to promote their new waterproof canvas line, as London is considered to be one of the rainiest places in Europe. (what a great rep, eyy).

I also had the luxury of attending MTV EMA which was amazing and truly exciting to be there in the heart of it all. Christmas was a busy time for me, as I planned a few projects and looked for interesting companies to collaborate with. So as you can see there has been and still is a lot of things going on…


Time to know the real Pawel Zmitrowicz –

What do you do to relax or unwind?

Classic. Listen to great music, sing out loud. Read books or just spend time with my friends – they always help me take my mind off things. Sometimes I also write poems. Just my way for excessing thoughts on paper.

What is a chilled night for you?

A night with friends without phones, accompanied with great music and a lot of dancing.

L – That sound’s more like a kitchen party without the booze?! haha

Maybe, or more of a dance off session throwing shapes in the living room.

L – Touche 

Favourite takeaway?

Definitely Nando’s, Big Ben, Oki sushi and when it comes to frappe – Starbucks.

Poland & London –

Whats there to do in Warsaw for the adventurous and party type of people?

Well, there is a lot to do in Warsaw. We have some great clubs, even on the rooftop. Love a good rooftop party! There is also something like Horror House – which is really popular now. It’s a place where you can find yourself in a horror with monsters who creep out and scare you. With mysteries to figure out – something of an unforgettable adventure that is.

Any secrets gems within Poland or best time of year to come to Poland?

If you want to spend time actively – like to do sightseeing or sth definitely summer. Poland is really magical in Autumn, all the parks and streets look like they’re covered in gold. ( ‘coz of the colourful Autumn leaves falling)

L – Perfect, will put it on the calendar.

What’s the best thing you love about London?

People, with no doubt. London is full of individuals, who are also super creative and interesting. Everyone always helps you when you need it – happiness and kindness all around.



– Pleasure to catch up with you Pawel! If you want to see more of his stuff, upcoming collabs & projects then make sure to head over to his site! Check out his guide to London, especially if your thinking about making the trip this year.

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