Pharrell’s Office Was Stolen – G-Star RAW

Pharrell Williams - Office Stolen

Pharrell Williams – Office Stolen

Imagine coming back to your workspace and realising that your desk, chair and pretty much the whole damn thing has been stolen. Well, I’m pretty sure it would have been pretty noticeable if a group of guys were walking out the front door with some wooden beams and a huge denim canvas cover. Not sure what the security guys were doing on their shift, probably having pizza, but I sure would be asking questions? Wouldn’t you? Pharrell Williams is sure gonna be scratching his head!

Future Creatives with Pharrell Williams @ Bread & Butter 2016

gstar bread and butter 2016

G Star RAW Denim Design

G-Star has some explaining to do when they tell Pharell that they have kidnapped his office space for a week. But I’m sure when explained that it was used to inspire the next & future fashion creatives, then he might not mind.

At the Bread & Butter 2016 event, G-Star Raw displayed Pharrell Williams very own ‘tent’ office from his studio in New York. We were shown round by one of the business development managers, who gave us a very intricate tour of the workspace and lab. We even got to sit down where Pharrell gets to sit, how cool (not a creep, just a fan I promise).

Denim Tent

Lastly, we got to see a design that Pharrell currently had in progress, from mood boards to sketches and even a partial prototype. The essence to see someone’s thought process is eye-opening, giving a different dimension on how people create and make products. Especially if it comes from the likes of Pharrell. Lastly, we left a sticky-note for Pharrell to get a butchers at, whether he got the message or not. We just hope he got his office back!

When Pharrell’s onto his next creative design’s/ projects he use’s the space to go back to the roots of denim. Incorporating that origin & history into new ways of urban jeans. Unsurprisingly denim was first used as a material for tents and waggons. Due to its robust features, it would keep people sheltered from the outdoor environment. Kinda ironic that his workspace is also a huge tent then. The only downfall was that when it got wet, it got heavy. But that initial use for denim went on to other designs such as what we now call as Jeans.

Pharrell Williams Denim Ofiice

Pharrell’s Denim Office


The Origin of Denim

The rise of the riveted work pants is a story of innovation and collaboration featuring two immigrants, Levi Strauss, and Jacob Davis. Jacob, originally born in Latvia came up with the idea which then led for him to present to Levi. Levi Strauss & Co. was his fabric supplier in San Francisco, and on May 20th, 1873, Patent No. 139,121 was issued to the pair. Levi Strauss & Co – Levi Strauss

Many companies since then have come and gone with their use of denim. However with the rise of street and urban wear, G-Star Raw have been able to establish themselves within the market space. Founded by Jos van Tilburg in Amsterdam in 1989, the brand essentially has been influenced by military clothing. Inspirations and designs stem from vintage military apparel, ranging from various places around the world. More importantly this year we have seen Pharrell Williams became co-owner of the label G-Star Raw. With his presence, we can assume to see more of G-Star within our streetwear and our very own wardrobes.