PRSNLTY – SS17 Campaign – South Florida Colours

After teaming up with PRSNLTY and having the successful ‘give-away’ campaign, we decided to sit down and uncover the brains and team behind the brand. We got to sit down and ask a few questions about the brand as well as the upcoming collection. Whether your new or a long time fan, here’s a bit of an inside view of their latest drop.


PRSNTLY Crew Interview:

– Summer 2017 looks to be popping with bright and refreshing colours. What’s this season/collection all about?

This season is about keeping it classic with some of the main primary colours. Being from South Florida, Spring always is a sunny and fun so we just wanted to mix that with the collection

– For people who have not come across your brand, how would you describe your brand in a ‘tweet’?

 In 140 words or less, PRSNLTY is a positive lifestyle brand portraying different forms of personalities through our art

– And if it was an emoji?

 The volcano for sure!

– How did you come around to calling it PRSNLTY?

 Imani (EEMAHNEE) always had this vision for a brand, Personality, and it was probably in her notebook forever. We just ran with it cause it made sense when we heard it & now we’re here

– You have a detailed eye for quality and art in your products, are these the foundations with every collection you bring out?

We always shoot for the kind of quality that quietly catches your attention. You know that shirt you love? The one with that one little detail that’s just so YOU that you can’t help but feel like this shirt was made for you? That’s what we try to produce for PRSNLTY

– What’s going on in the state of Florida, what’s coming up this year for the people from around the city and how does the brand in your eyes represent the people from the state?

Everyone from our part of the city is doing as much as they can. Florida has a great underground art scene with so many types of artists, rappers, designers, influencers, models, everything and everyone is finally getting their shine. We do our part by trying to inspire the younger brands to push and strive for their goals. We’ve always wanted to embrace progression in our community

– Who would be your ideal collaboration?

 Vans… for sure

– What does streetwear mean to you? & Why do you think it’s important to embrace a culture such as streetwear?

Streetwear means being laid back, viben, doing what you want to get this money lifestyle and obviously the skate, street, & underground aspect of it too. Streetwear culture always felt like a free-zone to do whatever you want fashion related!

– Are we expected to see more collections this year?

Yes, at least 2 more collections, a few collaborations and some random releases for the real supporters

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