Puma – Bread & Butter 2016

Glitz, Glamour and a Golden Show – Puma Bread & Butter Fashion Show

Puma Women Gold Bread & ButterPuma Men Collection 2016

It was the first show of the day @ Bread & Butter and without hesitation, the tone was set for a pumped-up atmosphere. Left, right hook, and bang… Puma got the show off with a hit! Showcasing what’s hitting the streets, it featured trend pieces that consumers could purchase instantly. Away from what you get with the traditional designer fashion walks. Models wore gold flower-inspired bomber jackets, gold print crews, and a mix of athletic products. All in all which were put through their test by the models.

The fashion show quickly picked up in pace. Before we knew it, the models started to do aerobic moves and flips. Within seconds the music was cranked up and the crowds were brought to life. Each side of the fashion show was clapping their hands and cheering for the two dance crews that were facing each other off. The fashion walk was instantly backed up with moving LED backdrops and dramatic spotlights. All in sync hitting the beat of the tune.

Nikeata Thompson Pulling All The Moves

With the crowds cheering on the battle, Nikeata Thompson led her team to an epic dance off with solo features to crown themselves as street Kings & Queens. The high-intensity performance definitely put passion at the forecourt. Creating that instant connection with fans  and the show, bringing about what is Puma.

Puma put on a show that most were not expecting, effectively showing their creative flair and unorthodox approach to uplift the crowds. But it worked, making it so memorable. If you asked any person, they could easy remember a fashion piece from the show. The trendy sportswear was a combination of understanding what was needed in the street marketplace as well as the desire from consumers. Puma’s collection was bold in terms of floral and gold designs but simplistic in the sense of practicability and use of its products. Something that some brands still somehow manage to complex and misread their target audience. The Fashion show itself was brilliant, in our opinion, the dancers should be incorporated within all fashion walks. Consequently, we could see Rihanna doing a cartwheel sometime soon?


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