Rum N Riddim – Big Narstie, General Levy, Geko, Benny Page & More!

Rum ‘N’ Riddim hosted Electric Brixton Friday 26th May, with a line-up which sure made a bang! The event brought Big Narstie, General Levy, Geko, Benny Page & more to the stage. If you’ve not visited Rum n Riddim before the event combines the very best of dancehall, jungle, grime, garage, and reggae all under one roof. Since starting they have established themselves between the fine line of mainstream and underground fusion, finding the perfect mix to keep all their event’s current.

The last Rum’N’Riddim was the biggest show to date! Curating a lineup of artists spanning the full range of Jamaican-infused bass music. Let’s see if this could top it…

It’s 9:35 pm and we’ve just jumped in an Uber heading down to Brixton. Filled with excitement we’re not sure what to expect, as the event combines so many different sounds, beats and variety of artists. However, with so many good reviews, we’re nothing but elevated and ready to go! Instantly stepping outside the Uber we were greeted by a videographer, Marcus West, capturing the buzz at the door and everyone queuing up. No one could help but bust a move and show off their good side (or booty) in front of the camera.

Get Ready To Riddim

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Walking through the door, you’re immediately met with a friendly and enthusiastic Corps Bon, who’s the very man hosting the night. His sociable and joyous charisma instantly put us in a good mood as we entered the venue. Corps Bon brought great vibes on stage all night as he pumped and hyped the crowd left, right and center!

From start to finish the entire club had hips swaying and people singing along to their favorite lyrics from DJ Neptizzle. The crowd was thoroughly enjoying themselves and you could easily tell people where not afraid to get close and personal with one another. After all, what’s Rum’N’Riddim if you haven’t tasted the delights of Jamaica in a glass and Riddim’ed with someone from the crowd?

Sweetie Irie, Corps & Benny Page… That’s a combo we like to see at every festival! There’s nothing more to be said as the trio shut down Brixton with their ruthless beats, soul and effortless way to get a crowd going. To top the night off they gave a few lucky birthday girls a chance to celebrate on stage with a dance-off. Eyes peeled staring at the ladies twerking; nothing but cheers, oooh’s and ahh’s echoed throughout the front.

Geko was greeted with a roar of appreciation as he performed his latest bangers that have been taking the internet by storm. He’s become well known for his confident and frisky personality as well as becoming the youngest rapper to ever record a BBC Radio 1 Fire in the Booth Sessions with DJ Charlie Sloth. We hope to see more of Geko this summer!


Big Narstie

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With his huge personality, Big Narstie effortlessly gets a crowd jumping in seconds! Crowds tend to fall as soon as Big Narstie takes the stage, spitting genuine quality thought – provoking lyrics. He brings something different to the table from your usual presenters and rappers. But of course, he gives it the necessary kick by getting a bit filthy and grimy with the lyrics … we’d expect nothing less from Big Narstie.

General Levy seemed to be right at home. You could sense he had a true soft spot for the event as it brought out the very best in him with a real focus on reggae, dancehall, and jungle vibes. Levy’s voice floats over the beats in perfect harmony and he has the mastery to switch it up when it needs that extra bit of flare.

Back to Benny Page the talented DJ who has taken the UK scene by storm, who played nothing but tune after tune with many reminiscing a few summers back. Benny’s ear-catching rolling style of beats infuses the very best of dancehall vibes with DnB into his tracks. Together with Corps, they both closed the event with music that morphed into drum n bass which lasted the fans until the early hours. Rum N Riddim was electric bringing not only carnival vibes but also grime & garage right to the heart of Brixton.

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Photo Credit: Presh – @preshhhh_xo