LEGION MAG – Strawberries & Creem 2018 Lineups & Review

‘Abounding with exquisite architecture, and renowned for its academic colleges and picturesque riverside. Cambridge has become globally renowned for its tranquil presence and green meadows surrounding the city.’ However, just down the road, locals were abandoning their Gazelle bikes to walk on foot. Across those green meadows came an echoing boom and a faint cheer of people. As you get closer the explosive ‘Boom’ from the speakers became more distinct with cheers overwhelming the people on stage. It was time for Strawberries & Creem!

After its 5th successful event, Strawberries & Creem is creating a name for itself amongst the festival line-ups to attend over summer. What initially began as a party for friends whilst at university, it’s quickly grown to become one of the UK’s most unique and pioneering festivals.

Cambridge may not exactly be known for its Grime, R&B or even house music, but Strawberries & Creem brings all of those elements into the mix. The special element that most people don’t expect is the heavyweight names mixed with up and coming artists. A unique element which brings fresh sounds to the festival while still experiencing some of the hottest tracks and artists.


A clear favourite of ours and many others was the Red & White striped tent. Hosted by Nathan Hector – his vibrant energy was echoed throughout the day, making everyone to the back of the tent ‘bop’. The tent was clearly not big enough as it overflowed quickly for artists such as Ghetts. Once up on stage, the buzz inside the tent went through the ‘canopy’, as he kept rewinding his tracks just to keep the tent upright.

One of the upcoming artists which truly struck the ground was Octavian. French-born but London raised rapper has created a storm across the UK rap scene as he performed hits such as ‘100 Degrees’ & ‘Party Here’. The rapper brings a whole new sound and energy to UK music scene, becoming one to look out for as even Drake has shown him dancing to one of his tracks. He’s also recently just featured on Mura Masa new track – Move Me. Make sure to check it out.

Let’s talk about… HOUSE OF PHARAOHS

“Grew up in the estate
Where some olders trashed my age
Did a show and killed the stage” and so they did.

House of Pharaohs that’s who. The London-based group includes a combination of musicians, designers and videographers. Retaining full creative ownership, HOP is made up of six rappers – Sam Wise, Danny, Kev, Bandanna, Blaze and AJ – being an in-house team that includes management, fashion designers and creative.

Collectively they all come together to create the freshest hip-hop tracks. Despite the comparisons to A$AP MOB, Brockhampton, Odd Future over in the states, they offer a unique and definitively British sound. Let’s keep an eye out for more of HOUSE OF PHARAOHS.

Main Stage – NOT3S, Kojo Funds & T-Pain


Bringin East London to Cambridge – The UK rap sensation and Afro Bashment torchbearer Not3s brought out his fiery fusion of sounds to the Strawberries & Creem stage. The last 12 months for him has not only been a whirlwind of non-stop jet-setting but he’s also elevated his game. Such as his much-acclaimed debut EP release and featuring on tracks with the likes of Mabel. Going to show he’s not just a one-time chart hit (he’s got a few under the belt) but he can produce quality track after track.

You’d never think it, but what global star wouldn’t want to bang out their iconic tunes across Haggis Farm in Cambridge? T-Pain came on stage to truly give us a good time, he toyed with the crowd as he hit rewind on some of our all-time favourites such as “Buy U A Drank”. T-Pain delivered a full set of naughties throwbacks full of dancing and something more fruity when “I’m Sprung” hit the crowd.

After a full day of dancing and enjoyment at Strawberries & Creem, he wiped out any wariness amongst the crowd with tracks like Kanye’s ‘Good Life’, and Jamie Foxx’s ‘Blame It’. Saving the best till last, T-Pain was the main last gig before most turned to hailling cabs back to the city or continuing to rave till the early hours of the morning.

See you at Strawberries and Creem in 2019 – www.strawberriesandcreem.com

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Photographer – Muxphotos
Creative Content – Daisy Dingley