Tijana Vukovic x Zoe Devon – EP

Tijana brings a diverse range of photo shoots, covering from rising stars in the fashion and music scene to worldwide recognised models. Her keen eye within photography certainly keeps her ahead of the curve! Tijana has the ability to mix contemporary to more sensual pieces within her work. We have showcased some of the most recent work that she has been involved in. For example, we especially loved her expressive urban shoot off Zoe Devon with ZARA & Fenty PUMA kicks. Tijana Vukovic x Zoe Devon – Check it out below:

Zara x Puma x Rooftop

The MOODYTWIN x Rita Dassenno

– Model – Zoe Devon (Singer/Songwriter, Serbian)

Zoe Devon calls herself a musician, writer & drama queen. But she is nothing short of being talented. The shoot was in conjunction with her first up and coming EP.
We are very excited to see what she can bring to the industry, make sure to spread the love ❤️️.



 – Tijana Vukovic – Portfolio

Here are some of our favourite pics from Tijana’s portfolio, please make sure to have a browse. Following this shoot, make sure to keep an eye out for more posts between her & Legion Mag.




Model : Zoe Devon (singer/songwriter , Serbian )
Hoody – The MOODYTWIN (by Miranda Vidak)
Dress – Rita Dassenno (AONEPLUS LA )