Travis Scott – Sold Out O2 Academy Brixton


Goosebumps for days. Bruises for months and memories for a lifetime! Travis brings a certain type of fire to his performances that most would get a heart attack if caught in the middle of the first few rows. (After all, most of the security staff were swarmed with people surfing the barriers to get out)! The mosh pit grew row by row reaching the back of the standing stalls. Someone who’s not been to one of his concerts/gigs or performances, I’ve never experienced such an atmosphere! Mix football hooligans, Rockstar festival mosh pits and the loyal following of the Pope! Too excessive? Not at all.

With Travis Scott’s wild reputation, you can’t take away the fierce energy and passion he brings to the stage. Mix that with a wild following of frenzy fans and you’ve created a festival environment that felt there were tens of thousands of people screaming ‘ANTIDOTE’!

‘We want Travis!’

The Sold Out event in Brixton had fans turning up as early as 4 pm with doors opening at 7 pm. With most artists and rappers taking it easy leading up to the festival, Travis was heading the other way by creating a storm in south London.

We headed into the venue around 9 pm only to be met with a packed out crowd that was not shifting for any late comers! The DJ mixed ‘crowd pleaser’ tunes trying to hype up the mood with tracks such as Kendrick Lamar, Giggs, ASAP MOB, Stormzy, Kid Cudi and some essential Kayne tunes. However by 9:42 pm ‘boos’ echoed the ceiling and disgruntled fans started to show their frustration in a venue which had quickly turned into a hotbox. At 9:53 pm the heat had turned the crowd into chanting ‘ooh Jeremy Corbyn’, which overshadowed any track the DJ was playing! Or maybe that’s just the new norm at festivals now? However, people had given up patience and wanted to see Traviss!

Birds In The Trap

With the lights dimmed, the black curtains dropped to reveal Travis on top of on a gigantic robot winged beast with what seemed to be intestine or meat hanging from the mouth of the beast. Playing a big part into the stage theatrics and Travis’ monolithic singsong melodies.

He opened up with ‘Antidote’ before moving onto ‘Mamacita’ and ‘Beibs In The Trap’ to really get the crowd going! With gunshots played between tracks and drops, the lyrics themselves cease to matter as they changed into pure emotional triggers! Travis’ temperament shoves the crowd into abandon and then dragging them out again. At this point, most had surpassed the point of no return as it felt I was carrying a wet towel on my back by sweating through my t-shirt. It also seemed Travis was struggling with the heat as layers from Travis’ body started disappearing song by song.

The best moment of the night had to be when he dragged a fan onto the stage, let him prance around for a bit before the fan took a run up and dived head first into the crowd. Monday’s show seemed to turn it up another notch as Travis took to the crowd to say:

“If you can’t survive this s**t, take your ass upstairs,” yelled Travis Scott on the second night of his sold-out Brixton shows. “This concert ain’t for virgins, this concert ain’t for scared motherf***ers!”

You’ve been warned! Sunday and Monday’s ‘Sold Out’ show at the O2 Academy Brixton was a clear indication of anticipation of Travis ‘going in’ at Wireless this weekend! For any festival goers this weekend, take appropriate footwear as the mosh pits are essential. If you do participate, you may as well forget about any upper clothing as it will be buried into the ground or swung into mid-air as seen at Brixton!


Photography Credit: Louis Foster (@louisfoster593)