Starboy or Star Fall?

From the Starboy album comes the first track named… you guessed it ‘Starboy’. The track featuring the sensational Daft Punk…. is not that sensational when you come to terms with it. The dream musketeers you thought would have caused the music charts to crumble, did not exactly have that effect. Yes, its clean, progressive and crisp. But where is the much-needed pain and hurt that we are so used to?

Starboy Feat. Daft Punk still features slow tempos, rumbling bass and forlorn echoes that are so prominent in most of Weeknd’s work. Although it feels a bit muted compared to his usual plaintive lyrics often expressing hurt, sex & drugs.

Mainstream Success

His mainstream success came from, “Can’t Feel My Face” hitting number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Weeknd actually held down all of the top three spots last year, with “Can’t Feel My Face” at #1, “The Hills” at #2 and “Earned It” #3. This was the first time an artist in history to earn this distinction.

Back to his recent album, there seems to be a change in the air. Not being so reliant on his style of work that made him explode, this might be the new era of The Weeknd. Daft Punk has not seemed to leave their signature trademark with the song either. It’s nothing as light and catchy compared to their smash single ‘Get Lucky’. It’s somewhat left somewhere in dead man’s land. For all we know, they could have written the song in a dark empty discotheque. Drinking whisky and sobbing about life to the continuous four-beat bass drum beat guiding the lyrics through the track. Who knows?

However, with the fresh beats and haircut, things are looking up for the album. The Weekend seems to be growing and changing aspects to his music. Usually categorised with the alternative R&B tag, we just hope The Weeknd touches on some of that darker side that made his songs so distinctive.

The Weeknd recently tweeted a pic of what could be artwork for the music video. I guess we only find out tomorrow…Check it out here:

The third studio album from The Weeknd Starboy is out on the Nov. 25.

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