Wild Life Festival – Friday Round-Up!

With the comfort of Seagulls calling and the waves crashing, Brighton brought a different type of noise to the weekend as crowds cheers were echoed across the beach front and the heavy bass booms were heard throughout the town. Wild Life Festival was back for its third successful year running!

Unlike any other festivals, Wild Life brings a diverse range of artists and genres together as you’re submerged into its unique pride of its ‘nature’ theme. Let me explain by that, instantly as you enter the venue you’re surrounded by tall raised festive flags, flower Instagram walls and pop up tents giving you all the vibes of the great outdoors. Also stomping its feet around the ground, huge inflatable Rhino’s and animal kingdom tribes from Elrow greeted fans and festival goers. Some say even lucky few got a peck from the elegant feather styled dancers! (we won’t mention names).

Friday Fire

Providing the heat in the Tropical Tent was a range of grime and rap artists which predominantly had the biggest line up compared to any other stage with stars featuring JME, Wiley, J Hus, AJ Tracey, Preditah & C4 and more! Meanwhile, on the Wild Life stage, Giggs and Stefflon Don were throwing a scene!

AJ Tracey

The West London up-and-comer has recently cemented his status as UK rap’s next big star, with that came the frenzy that kicked off with him performing his best tracks throughout his career.


We were blessed by the one and only Godfather of Grime. For his set, he appeared in a full sky blue tracksuit as he stirred crowds left and right with tracks such as ‘Speakerboxx’ and ‘Can’t Go Wrong’! His recent resurgence through the charts and streets have echoed the slick and evolution of his music, but also resurging to raw bars with playing tracks such as ‘P-Money’! With that comes the mosh pits, which have become a norm at grime performances as true hardcore fans knowing exactly on what lyric the beat drops! The one that greeted Wiley’s most intense songs could rival any hardcore Rock or EDM concerts!

Preditah & C4 and the Headline Act: JME

Unstoppable momentum was built up throughout the night with Preditah & C4 performing their set just before JME came out for his Headline act! With grime’s favourite tracks being played to the fans, there was also the echoed chants from the tent being heard of ‘Ollie Ollie Ollie’ and ‘Feed em to the Lions’! You could easily see the electric charge building up for what was going to be an explosive performance.

If you didn’t spot JME come out on stage then I’m sure you would’ve spotted him with his own face blown-up to a ridiculous size on the T-shirt he was wearing! Tracks such as ‘Don’t @ me’, ‘Man Don’t Care’ caused an explosive surge, showcasing that the grime artist still owned the grime stage over any up comers performing. The Boy Better Know brought nothing but tropical rain to the tent as it quickly turned into a sweaty and smoke-filled tent as the crowd got going!


Wild Life has continued to be a growing success as it entices crowds with its diverse star-studded line-ups. With its unique airport setting in Brighton, the breeze, the sun and festive fashion looks sure made you feel a long away from home and more on a holiday! We’re looking forward to what the festival brings in 2018!