Givenchy Launches the special Spring/ Summer capsule collection with the popular ‘Rottweiler’

After the successful takeoff, Givenchy has become the forefront of the street fashion scene. The reign and dominance showed through the graphic design and urban pieces have set Givenchy apart. Since 2009, Riccardo Tisci took ownership of Givenchy designs being Artistic Director. Producing powerful exquisite urban designs that have become popular among most celebs and fashion retailers. We take a look at the Givenchy Rottweiler making a return and Spring/Summer 2017 men’s fashion walk.

givenchy rottweiler Mens Accessories

“Riccardo has showcased pieces with urban masculinity and sensual elegance. Iconic prints have been a constant fixture in all collections, always reworked as part of the modern street Givenchy men’s wardrobe. ” – Adriano. B – Young Fuck

Spring/Summer 2017 set’s its sights on a strong Menswear collection

The capsule collection sees’s our favourite GIVENCHY Rottweiler make a return, with a stencil white outline on men’s essential products and accessories.
The Rottweiler graphic has probably become the most popular design over the years as it has become so recognisable. The release of the collection hits Givenchy stores this month, Jan – 2017.

With an aptitude to make a deep impact among fans, the Men’s catwalk has shown bold and elegant pieces. Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy campaign for the Spring Summer 2017 season is almost a hypnagogic sci-fi film. Bringing adventure on Mars in mosaic motifs, and lost surroundings on a deserted wilderness with over-sized parkas and bomber jackets. Money, Hierarchy and Power echo’s through its raw and audacious design. The collection use’s the all-knowing eye and abstract money shots. However, the smart suit styles maintain a more classic and clean look.

The Givenchy’s 2017 menswear collection is built around tone upon tone & captures the mood and inspiration of existing designs. Reinterpreted to its core, with raw cut pieces and clear Givenchy print branding. The collection clearly emphasises masculinity, with the squaring off the shoulders and puffing out the chest. The beefed up military style straps and cords blended with dollar camouflage bill’s has our salute on the streets.

givenchy backstage 2017

givenchy catwalk abstract dollar jacket